Acey Slade of Dope mid air at The Machine Shop
Tony Higbee & Tom Keifer live at Kewadin Casino
John 5 live at Streeters Entertainment Center in Traverse City Michigan
Dave Runyan on keyboard playing live with Michigan band Derailed
Tracii Guns of L.A. Guns in concert in Traverse City, MI
Till Death Do Us Part live In Traverse City, MI
Drummer Mel Mcfail of L7 in concert at Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit
Donita Sparks of L7 at Saint Andrews Hall in Detoit
Phil Lewis on stage with L.A. Guns at The Machine Shop in Flint Mi
Rock band The Darbies on stage at The Machine Shop Flint Michigan
Stitches of Raven Black band at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan
Raven Black concert in Flint at The Machine Shop
Wednesday 13 on stage at The Machine Shop
Edsel Dope on stage at The Machine Shop
Drummer of Dope live at The Machine Shop
Static X singer Xer0 at The Machine Shop in Flint
Acey Slade of Dope on stage in Flint, Mi at The Machine Shop
Singer Joe of NAGAZI at Studio Anatomy in Traverse City, Mi
Steve Whiteman of KIX live in Sault Ste. Marie, Mi
Singer DZ Graves of Graves Crossing in Kalkaska, Michigan
Photographer Shonda Michelson

As a kid, I was always watching MTV (when it was actually music television) and was obsessed with Headbangers Ball. I bought cassettes, CDs, & T-shirts. I collected Metal Edge, Hit Parader & RIP magazines. I had posters of my favorite bands plastered on my walls (literally plastered with my overuse of Aqua Net). I used to sneak my little point and shoot cameras into concerts, pushing my way through to the front to try and get good pictures (without getting caught). I remember seeing photographers in front of me, right up to the stage (and on stage), and thinking to myself, “that’s where I need to be!”

Guitarist Tony Higbee

I love capturing the raw energy of a live show. There is nothing better than that rush you feel seeing your favorite artists performing live. I love music so much that it makes my heart smile, being able to look back and share the photographs I’ve taken and reliving that excitement.

Music makes the world a better place.