Photographer Shonda Michelson capturing couple walking hand in hand along the sand dunes.

Nice to meet you!

Hi! I am so glad you're here! I love working with genuine, non-traditional couples who like to do things their own way and don’t follow the crowd. I believe in telling stories through photographs. Stories that evoke emotion through art create wonderful memories that will forever be cherished. Natural and in the moment.

When I think about planning my own wedding, a big traditional affair causes me to do laps around the anxiety pool. As an introvert, the thought of being the center of attention is uncomfortable, and honestly, quite terrifying.

Instead, I (and my future soulmate) want to do things our own way. Just the two of us (maybe a few chosen loved ones) surrounded by Michigan’s everlasting beauty.

I believe in the magic of the universe and meaningful experiences. What I want for me, is what I strive for with you. A stress-free wedding so you can fully enjoy every minute of your day.


Random Facts

// I'm actually really shy & awkward, but love meeting new people.
// I'm a huge music fan (especially 80's rock & metal) & love going to concerts & local shows.
// I have an amazing daughter who truly is my mini-me & shares the same love of music & watching a good horror movie together.
// I have 2 cats, Scab & Jake, who are hilarious weirdos.
// Love binge-watching a good Netflix series.

Photographer Shonda Michelson GIF

Let me document & create a collection of moments in your element that speak the story of you & comes from my heart.