Michigan Portrait Photographer | The Importance Of Portraits


What memories will be left for your children to look back on when you are gone? For your grandchildren and great-grandchildren? When my Grandma asked me to create portraits of her for Christmas gifts for our family I couldn’t have been more honored and excited.

This beautiful woman means the world to me and I can’t think of a greater gift. She is the most amazing, kind and caring person I have ever known. Myself and my family will cherish these photos forever.

I believe it is extremely important to exist in photographs. At every age, size and events in life. Life is beautiful.  Let’s capture it.  Exist in photographs. If not for yourself for your children, your great grand children, your sister, your brother, your best friend.






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  1. Fantastic job !!  You have a very unique style that is all your own.  Keep up the good work  !!