Oregon Trip // Quality Cousin Time


I was so pumped to be able to spend some time with my cousins out in Oregon this fall.  My cousin Jenn, along with her husband and adorable daughter Kara live in Hillsboro, a little outside of Portland.  Oregon is absolutely beautiful in the fall and we took full advantage of the colorful days.  We spent one day at a park near where my cousin lives.  Jenn and I haven’t had pictures together in years.  So we took some self portraits using the self timer on my camera.  That was not an easy task, but we managed to get some good shots of the two us being, well, us.  Always laughing and goofing around.

Orenco Park is near Kara’s school.  There were these 18′ tall faces made out of sticks.  The display is called Head Over Heels, built by Patrick Dougherty.  This piece of work is made up of old growth of Douglas fir trees.  These were so cool to see and walk through.

I couldn’t resist capturing some mother daughter moments between my cousins.  Memories we will cherish always.  I can’t wait for the next adventure with my favorites 🙂



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